Google Ads 101 ChatGPT 2.0

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Revolutionize Your Google Ad Campaign with ChatGPT - Your Ultimate and Free Advertising Assistant!

Are you struggling to create effective ads that engage your target audience and drive sales?

With Ads 101 ChatGPT, you'll gain access to a comprehensive advertising guide that will help you create compelling ads that capture your audience's attention, showcase your unique selling proposition, and drive conversions.

The template provides you with expert guidance and innovative advertising prompts, helping you to fine-tune your ad campaign and get the most out of your marketing.

Info Prompts

  • How to write effective ad copy. (50 prompts)
  • How to design visually appealing ads. (50 prompts)
  • How to do programmatic advertising. (50 prompts)
  • How to use retargeting ads effectively. (50 prompts)
  • How to optimize ad campaign for maximum ROI. (50 prompts)
  • How to avoid common mistakes with ads. (50 prompts)

Total prompts: 300

(NEW) Flexible Prompts

  • Build a tailor made Google ads.(25 prompts)
  • Write bestselling ad copy. (25 prompts)
  • Make the ad visually appealing. (25 prompts)
  • Create clickable call to action buttons. (25 prompts)

Total prompts: 100

All In One - AI Plus Bundle 2.0

The #1 Most Comprehensive Prompt Bundle On The Planet.

Experience the game changing potential of this carefully curated prompt library.

Thoughtfully designed to boost your productivity, help you learn faster and free up more time by automating tasks easier than ever before using the power of AI.

The AI Plus Bundle 2.0 includes over 70,000+ categorized prompts in various niches. 

It's an all-in-one solution combining every AI bundle and prompt pack from Valdo into one organized template.

So you can "prompt" your way out most of your work and research, in seconds. 

No matter the niche, task, or area of work. 

To sum it up, here's what you'll get..

  • A selection of 70,000 pre engineered prompts to choose from!
  • Get 1,000+ new prompts weekly (automatically updated)
  • 6 Mastery Courses including over 100 hours of valuable content.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are flexible prompts?
    Flexible prompts are versatile instructions that can be customized for different contexts, industries, or specific needs. They contain placeholders like [Keyword], [Product], or [Service] that can be replaced with specific terms, making them relevant to any project or topic.
  2. Who are you?
    I am Valdo, Notion creator & professional GPT engineer.
  3. Can I share this with anyone else?
    Sorry, this product has a private license, which means it can't be shared. If you know someone who might be interested, please direct them to this page so they can purchase it themselves.
  4. Can I use this a beginner?
    Absolutely! ChatGPT is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for users of all experience levels, including beginners.
  5. I have further questions?
    Feel free to reach out to me at or on Twitter at @reachvaldo. I typically respond within 24 hours.
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Google Ads 101 ChatGPT 2.0

305 ratings
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