GPT-4 Engineering Mastery 2.0

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Master the art of crafting your own GPT, AI prompts and learn how to get the best output results possible.

In this course you will get 33 curated youtube videos with more than 8 hours of video material as well as 1,500+ ChatGPT prompts for learning how to successfully curate and utilize AI tools like a pro.

What's included in this course?


  • Prompt Engineering (4 videos)
  • Optimize work flow (5 videos)
  • Writing in ChatGPT (4 videos)
  • Text to visual (4 videos)
  • Midjourney prompts (4 videos)
  • Overview of GPT-4 (6 videos)
  • The future of GPT-4 (3 videos)
  • Expert interviews (3 videos)


33 Youtube videos (8 hours of material)

Prompts 1.0

  • How to engineer high level prompts (50 prompts)
  • How to utilize prompts in your business (50 prompts)
  • How to write prompts for creativity (50 prompts)
  • How to make generation prompts (50 prompts)
  • How to use prompts for predictions (50 prompts)
  • How to utilize open ended questions (50 prompts)
  • How to improve your output inside ChatGPT (50 prompts)
  • How to bend the language model (50 prompts)

Total prompts:400

Prompts 2.0

All prompts listed below is [ flexible ] and ready to customize:

  • Nested Requests (100 prompts)
  • [ Act as ] Prompts + Examples (100 prompts)
  • Interactive Prompts (100 prompts)
  • Multi-Part Business Inquiries (100 prompts)
  • Advanced Prompt Techniques (100 prompts)

  • Problem-Solving (100 prompts)
  • Creative Generation (100 prompts)
  • Deep Dive Exploration (100 prompts)
  • Conditional Responses (100 prompts)
  • Chain of Thought (100 prompts)

Total Prompts: 1,500+

The AI Plus Bundle 2.0 includes over 100,000+ categorized prompts in various niches. 

It's the all-in-one solution combining every AI bundle and prompt pack from Valdo into one organized template.

So you can "prompt" your way out most of your work and research, in seconds. 

No matter the niche, task, or area of work. 

Here is an overview of the included prompts.

  • No-code (1,000 prompts)
  • E-commerce A-Z (2,000 prompts)
  • Landing Page Prodigy (2,200 prompts)
  • E-mail Marketing (1,000 prompts)
  • Sales Funnel A-Z (2,000 prompts)
  • Audience building (1,000 prompts)
  • Digital Product Selling (1,000 prompts)
  • High Ticket Sales (1,000 prompts)
  • AI Customer Service Automation (1,000 prompts)
  • Stock Trading Mastery (2,000 prompts)
  • SaaS 101 ChatGPT Course (1,000 prompts)
  • Prompt Engineering Mastery Course (400 prompts)
  • CRM Mastery︱ Prompt Pack (2,300 prompts)
  • 𝕏 Business Mastery︱Prompt Pack (1,700 prompts)
  • Sales & Marketing (40,000 prompts)

Total prompts:100,000+

To sum it up - Here's what you'll get..

  • A selection of 100,000 pre engineered prompts
  • AI Mastery Vault - including over 100 hours of valuable content
  • Weekly update of 2,000+ prompts - Updated automatically
  • Notion dashboard that gives you instant access to the prompts on all devices
  • 3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Notion?
    Notion is a free digital space where you can organize your thoughts, write down your ideas, and plan your projects. It's a great tool to manage your work and even run your entire business in one place. With Notion, you can do things your way and customize it to fit your needs.
  2. Who are you?
    I am Valdo, Notion creator & professional GPT engineer.
  3. Can I share this with anyone else?
    Sorry, this product has a private license, which means it can't be shared. If you know someone who might be interested, please direct them to this page so they can purchase it themselves.
  4. What is a prompt engineer?
    A prompt engineer is a person who creates prompts for AI-powered language models, such as GPT, to generate specific outputs. They design and fine-tune prompts to achieve desired results, such as generating natural language text, completing tasks, or answering questions. In essence, they are responsible for shaping the output of AI-powered language models to meet specific objectives.
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Valdo's Personal Satisfaction Guarantee

With the results that users of this bundle have already gotten, I am convinced that anyone who is serious and not only skim this guide, but puts in the actual work can make their money back within 3 months or less.

So let me put my money where my mouth is.

If you have not made the full amount you spent on this guide back within 3 months and you can document you've applied what I teach within this bundle.

I will refund you the full amount that you paid for this bundle.

(or any purchased product on this page)

No questions asked.

Last updated Jul 27, 2023

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GPT-4 Engineering Mastery 2.0

856 ratings
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